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Meet The Herbalist: Cheryl Mabry Chase


Cheryl Mabry Chase, a seasoned expert in herbal remedies, hails from the Sacramento area and is the visionary behind Luminous Luna Apothecary. As the founder and owner, Cheryl offers a diverse array of herbal self-care and wellness products that have earned her establishment a sterling reputation.


Cheryl's passion for herbal and alternative medicine began in her youth, inspired by her late father, who introduced her to the healing power of herbal supplements and teas. This early exposure ignited a lifelong exploration into the world of herbal medicine.


Her dedication deepened significantly when her seven-year-old daughter experienced severe migraines and an adverse reaction to a prescribed medication, culminating in an emergency room visit. Determined to find safer, natural alternatives for her family's health, Cheryl immersed herself even further into herbal studies.


In addition to her professional pursuits, Cheryl enjoys growing her own food, plants, and herbs, and foraging native plant medicine from the banks of the Sacramento River. Her holistic approach to health and wellness continues to inspire and benefit her community.

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